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A clinically based formulation for the management of Osteoarthritis stage III & IV

Arthroaspis motus is a nutritional supplement for the management of osteoarthritis stage III and IV. It reduces the pain and stiffness and delays the progression of the disease.  Arthroaspis motus is  based on solid scientific clinical evidence and has quadruple mechanism of action.

Arthroaspis motus:

  1. Acts as a lubricant for joints.
  2. Improves the mobility of joints.
  3. Augments the regeneration capacity of cartilage.
  4. Delays the degeneration of the joint.


Arthroaspis motus is specially formulated to present gastro-resistance and it is produced in controlled released technology.

  • 100% Natural product
  • High antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action
  • High molecular weight of Hyaluronoic Acid (>2.000.000 Daltons)
  • Compatible with any medical treatment
  • GMO-free, sugar free, allergen free
  • NO artificial colors and flavors


Commercial rights & brand holder: Aniva International S.A. 


The product should not be used as a substitute of a well-balanced diet. This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any human disease.