A clinically tested nutraceutical for the management of Dry eye disease.

Eyeaspis Dry Eye is a unique formulated dietary supplement based on years of research to provide relief for occasional dryness, redness, scratchiness and irritation in the eye. The ingredients of Eyeaspis Dry Eye contain a patented combination of the highest quality omega-3 fatty acids, as re-esterefied triglycerides, combined with vitamins for additional eye health benefits.

Eyeaspis Dry Eye is the Number 1 dietary supplement for the dry eye management in America.

The effect of oral re-esterified triglyceride omega-3 fatty acids for patients with dry eye symptoms and Meibomian Gland dysfunction has been published in the medical journal Cornea and presented at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS). The formulation of Eyeaspis Dry Eye has been proven in research to significantly improve various measurements of eye health.
The study was conducted under a stringent protocol with 105 patients. The results of the study shown significant improvement in the following measurements:

  • Tear Osmolarity
  • Tear Break-up Time
  • MMP-9
  • OSDI

Eyeaspis Dry Eye is manufactured in Norway in certified facilities. Every batch is tested for over 400 contaminants by an outside third-party lab to ensure quality and purity standards.

Commercial rights & brand holder: Aniva International S.A.

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