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Aniva International S.A., consistent and true to its commitment to deliver pioneering products in the healthcare sector, is proud to announce the appointment of Professor Dr. Ioannis Patrikios,  Immunologist/Lipidologist in the Faculty of Medicine of European University of Cyprus, as Chief Scientific Advisor of Aniva International  in order to assist Aniva team in commercializing a new and innovative product, Neuroaspis PLP10, a novel pioneer intervention in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the markets where Aniva has established a strong presence.

Aniva is responsible for the manufacturing of Neuroaspis PLP10,  as well as holds the exclusive commercial rights of the product for various markets, while Palupa Medical Ltd is acting as scientific advisor to Aniva and remains the intellectual property holder of the product.

About Neuroaspis PLP10

Neuroaspis PLP10 is a novel Nutraceutical formula Product intended as an adjuvant for Multiple Sclerosis treatment. The science behind Neuroaspis PLP10 uses a systems medicine approach to address this multifactorial disease, by identifying all related metabolic pathways. The formulation, when used as an adjuvant treatment alongside first line MS treatments, has shown impressive results in a Phase II Clinical Trial (with a duration of 42 months), including a significant reduction in Relapse Rates (64% compared to placebo), a significant Reduction in the risk of Disability Progression (83% compared to placebo), a significant reduction in new or enlarging T2 lesions (28% in patients taking the formulation versus 67% in patients taking placebo) and no side effects whatsoever. This specially formulated product, which is Patented, includes the highest quality natural oils (Polyunsatured Fatty Acids – PUFA) and antioxidant vitamins, providing neuro-protective benefits at carefully selected ratios to maximise the positive synergistic effect. Neuroaspis PLP10 is actively endorsed by MS Key Opinion Leaders and has met with enthusiastic feedback from the MS community during its presentation in various global Neurology Conferences. The Product is currently undergoing Phase III Clinical Trials.


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