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Aniva is a specialized company that develops and promotes unique nutraceuticals, medical food as well as food supplements, targeting specific therapeutic areas and market needs. Additionally, capitalizing on it‚  in depth expertise, capabilities and close links with various specialised factories across Europe provides tailor-made solutions for its 3PL partners and pharmacy chains around the globe under a private label.

To provide scientific evidence for its products and to support their efficacy and safety, Aniva International collaborates with a team of researchers and advisors, who perform randomized double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trials and also provide comprehensive scientific backing, sound bibliographical documentation and expert opinion.

In order to enrich its product portfolio and strengthen its position in the therapeutic areas of its interest, Aniva cooperates not only with leading R&D professionals but also with various biotechnology start-ups and university incubators.

To establish its position as a regional OTX player and expand geographically, Aniva has joined forces with a carefully selected network of distributors, through whom it markets and promotes its brands in numerous countries in Europe, MENA, CIS and South East Asia.

In major markets of SE Europe, Aniva International is opening its own affiliates (Aniva Pharma) where Aniva International holds the majority of shares and the management, while the local senior managers are encouraged to become minority shareholders. To that end affiliates in Cyprus and Serbia have already been set up and further expansion plans are on the way.

Finally, we believe in the future of the OTX (prescribed non-prescription) products, especially value-added ones. And we believe in the growth potential of our targeted markets, if they are supplied with the right products and the right strategy. We have adopted a holistic view of business and pay due attention to all our stakeholders, including employees, partners, suppliers, shareholders and investors and, naturally, our end users.