Aniva Pharma Serbia

Aniva Pharma Doo is a majority own subsidiary of Aniva International, based in Nis Serbia that has been purposely set in order to explore and meet the growing needs in specialized Nutraceuticals and adjuvant therapies in selective healthcare segments of the Serbian market.

Aniva Pharma Doo is a fully operating marketing, sales and logistic entity with its own wholesale license and facilities dedicated in promoting and distributing across Serbia and other former Jugoslav Republics the group products as well as representing selected European OTX companies with unique product portfolios.

Aniva Pharma’s management team has an extensive experience and in depth knowledge of the Serbian pharmaceutical and OTX market in the ex-Yugoslavia region though holding of senior management positions in large pharma entities and in successful ventures and health care start-ups in that region.

Aniva Pharma Doo

Ratka Pavlovica 94
18000 Nis
Tel. +381 18 278877
E-mail: anivaserbia@aniva-pharma.com

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