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Partnering with Aniva

Partnering with Aniva


Partnership is the core of everything we do: partnership with our employees, our distributors, our R&D associates, and our suppliers.

We believe that generating meaningful ideas, building lasting international brands and delivering results for all stakeholders is only made possible by engaging and connecting partners.

Our success is attributed to our collaborative platform that is dedicated in providing our distributors and market-makers with the opportunity to grow through our brands and benefit from our expertise and access to worldwide network of new ideas and projects from where the products and the brands of tomorrow are being born.

We are committed to creating win-win situations for our R&D partners, because we produce results with their ideas and patents: successful product developments, filings, regulatory approvals and product launches. We can turn interesting ideas and research projects into products and products into successful brands, for the benefit of our partners, doctors, pharmacists and, primarily, the patients in general.

Commercial partners who want to license-out or co-market their products can profit from our regional sales and marketing organization, which is especially strong in the SE Europe and MENA regions.


For licensing-out and exports please contact Ms. Danae Monemvasiou at
For licensing-in please contact us at