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PROBIOLYTE goes to Saudi Arabia: Expanding in times of Covid

After the recent launch of Probiolyte in Philippines, the product has just landed in Saudi Arabia

Aniva Int. has recently obtained the MA for its brand Probiolyte in Saudi Arabia and our local partner   launched of the brand to the pediatric society  through series of national wide digital conferences adopting to the “special pandemic needs”.  The brand will be placed in pharmacy chains, as well as in major independent pharmacies and will be promoted to doctors and clinics.

Probiolyte is a pioneering formulation of electrolytes, zinc, probiotics, prebiotics and banana powder, able to restore the fluids and gastrointestinal flora disturbed due to dehydration.

Ideal for:

  1. Restoration of intestinal bacterial flora and fluids balance.
  2. Rehydration by distribution the water in the body.
  3. Enhances the immune function.
  4. Energy booster.

It is Suitable for infants & children, Gluten Free and without preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

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