A Nutraceutical for the Management of Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes Mellitus.

GLUCOASPIS is a unique product based on regulation of human microbiota. Several stuied in recent years indicate the importance of microbiota and their byproducts in diseases like diabetes. Probiotics play a major role in management of glucose in the blood. Ιn addition, specific herbal extract contributes to the regulation of glucose metabolism. Glucoaspis consists of well documented, well-known and specially formulated  ingredients that optimize and maximize the efficacy of the product.   

GLUCOASPIS combination of substances contributes to the maintenance of optimal blood glucose levels and metabolism making it a new safer alternative and/or add-on treatment for diabetes. 

Ensures finely controlled dosing and optimal efficacy. 

Operative at any stage of diabetes – ideally for patients at early stages diabetes type II and especially pre-diabetic ones. 

Prolongs asymptomatic period during the prodromal phase of diabetes (pre-diabetes). 

Can be used as monotherapy or adjuvant (add on) to blood glucose lowering drugs or insulin in case of T1D. 

Free of side effects.  

Manufacturer & commercial rights & brand holder: Aniva International S.A. 

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