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Nevraplus is as a formulation with triple antioxidant action has been purposely designed in order to address the needs of patients with Chronic Pain and peripheral neuropathy.

Chronic pain is characterized by pain that persists over time (6 months) and in most cases is continuous day and night. These patients are in need not only of a temporary relief, but also of consecutive handling. Nevraplus, is produced with a controlled release technology (retard form) that permits the maintenance of active ingredients in blood circulation at stable quantities, resulting in a prolonged treatment duration and pain alleviation.   

Aside of 5000+ bibliography articles on ALA (PubMed)  as well as the FDA guidelines  proposing the use ALA products on Diabetic neuropathic pain, Nevraplus, is backed by further strong scientific evidence regarding its efficacy on pain conditions. A clinical study on 72 patients with diabetic neuropathy, showed that the daily administration of 600 mg of ALA, significantly reduced the symptoms of neuropathy and improved daily life. ALA has been further studied for its positive effect on chronic pain, low back pain, radiculopathy, cervical syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome conditions.  

Due to its unique formulation the product in characterizes by: 

  • Enhanced bioavailability and abortion due to piperine in its composition  
  • Control released technology so it can prolong the effect of the product
  • Proven impact on chronic and neuropathic pain  

Nevraplus is manufactured in EU in GMP certified facilities for quality and safety assurance.  It is free of side effect, suitable for vegans while is Gluten free  

Manufacturer & commercial rights & brand holder: Aniva International S.A. 


The product should not be used as a substitute of a well-balanced diet. This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any human disease.